Wednesday, November 11, 2009

People love me as much as I pretend to love myself? When did THIS happen?

First, I'll start with this...

Anonymous said...

I wast just looking at your blog postings, and you've seriously had no comment yet on any of them? What? Crazy. Unless you've been deleting them. BTW, if I was younger and cuter and lived closer to where you do, I would seriously hunt you down for intense conversation.


I tend to joke about being a narcissistic bastard whose only job is to belittle those around me by exaggerating the high points of myself.

Don't be confused, I really AM perfect, though.

I am a person who craves attention. I feed on it like a vampire bat feeds on the ankles of cows; like many species of beetles feed on the excrement of cows; like flies feed on the eyelids and other soft spots of cows; like piranhas feed on the hides and innards of get the point. (yup...cows)

When I realized that I gained a following, I, (no lie), instantly acquired writer's block and had no clue of what would be a good topic. Then I remembered why I created this blog. I wanted to show everyone what life on earth is actually like through my perspective. Now, since I have seriously failed on my end of the bargain to supply this experience for you to live vicariously, I am going to hop on this much MUCH more...starting tomorrow.

Yup, I just weaseled my way out of this one too!