Friday, November 13, 2009

Today's Taste Test...You sample me blindfolded and I'll tell you what you just tasted.

Two nights ago, I was watching a documentary of marijuana on CNBC. Now, weed has nothing to do with today's post. What followed that episode, however, was an hour long in-depth advertisement for Coca-Cola they disguised as a documentary. For that, I decided to go ahead and advocate on this situation, and tell you a little bit about Pepsi. Only I could find a way to waste your time with a mock-umentary A&E Biography would pay me to delete, throw my computer into a fire, and then have me smother it with my own body.

Founded by Caleb Bradham in 1893, it was originally created as a possible over-the-counter treatment to bad digestion. It was an instant success as an enjoyable casual drink by his patrons and friends, so Mr. Bradham decided to devote all his efforts into a business. Fast-forward to now and you have a thriving enterprise with a net worth of over $92 billion which expands to other well known names as Frito-Lay, Quaker Foods, Tropicana, and Gatorade. But that has nothing to do with why I am giving kudos to this great, GREAT, company.

The reason I love this company so much, is because they fail so many times! But despite of it's many unsuccessful attempts at something new, they keep creating more and more products that last about as long as fifteen dollars in a back alley at Vegas. Just take a look at all the labels that PepsiCo. has released for their Pepsi brand. (Pepsi Labels) Yes, I know. The link is Wikipedia, but for the most part, all the info is there and accurate to date. That is just the list of Pepsi's. PepsiCo. also controls such brands as Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Mug Root Beer, 7-Up, Aquafina, and more.

I could only imagine how big their R&D department is, because it seems that they know that flavors come and go at an alarming rate. So, if failure in short time is included into the equation, PepsiCo. always needs to stay ahead of the game. Once one flavor disappears from the current fad, R&D delivers with yet another short shelf-life phenom. It almost seems like every idea they put on paper in the conference room gets put into action. "So bob, what do you have for us for next week's new Pepsi?" "'s barbecuing season, so I thought I'd come up with a compliment to the grill's #1 meat. Introducing......PEPSI BEEF!"  "EXCELLENT! GET THE DESIGNERS ON THE PHONE AND GET TO PRINTING THOSE LABELS! BUY OUT McCORMICKS AND ARTIFICIALLY RECREATE THE FLAVOR." "One more thing boss; just a toss-up; how about, it starts pink, and when it gets cold enough, turns to our classic Pepsi brown?" "DEAR LORD, BOB! YOU'VE GOT A HIT!!" Not to mention, it also seems like instead of a sample location to test the product's success, the release it nationwide with no fear!

Pepsi definitely has the testicular fortitude to try anything with their money at least once. Along with expanding their market with failed flavors and other edible companies, they have divided a portion of their income to various advertisements targeting EVERYBODY! Regardless of that television station, newspaper, magazine you enjoy, you WILL see a Pepsi ad with that specific group of people targeted. (let's stick to TV for now).  CBS, FOX, BET, TNT, History Channel.....LIFETIME...will ALL have some Pepsi-mercial with its own personality it seems. Pick a sporting event, concert, PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE! I could almost be tempted to bet you any amount of money that Pepsi is there somewhere. It's not just because they have the money to do it, it's that they have the money, and they DO do it!

With competition like Coca-Cola, RC Cola, and the various store brands with similar brand names like Mountain Lion, Dr. Thunder, and Squirt, Pepsi always needs to stay on their toes and keep their products on the top of the ladder and on the front of the shelf. So kudos to PepsiCo for their continuing failures, but never stopping to think twice about them!

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