Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Blonde Stereotype

I was at the bar last night with my friend, Adam, and he made a very startling observation.  "Look at that girl over there being surrounded by five guys," he said, "she has dyed her hair WAY too blonde!"  He then went on to say, "does she like being perceived as an idiot?"  After some time went by and I was finished laughing, I thought about that comment for a second.

Why do women dye their hair blonde, knowing what the consequences are?  Other than the aesthetic value, which in itself is purely opinionated, the stigma attached to the style should be enough of a deterrent (unless of course they enjoy the attention of slobbering, brainless flies with their popped collars and gelled hair circling them in public).  "Iconic" figures like Paris Hilton, Brooke Hogan, Britney Spears and others with the blonde look receive the most negative media attention, granted most of it was self-inflicted.  Whatever happened to "learn by example?"

To me, blonde hair is a red flag.  I'm the type that gives everyone a chance, and let them dig their own graves once they open their mouths.  The only problem with this is, I haven't come in contact very often with an intelligent blonde.  The reason for this is because all of the ones smart enough to know what would happen if they appeared at a bar or club are the ones that find private gatherings or stay home.  The ones that crave the attention or are not smart enough to catch on that they are targets for a quick fling or worse are the ones that dress up in their heels, rhinestone blanketed blouses, and form-fitting pants or short skirts.  If for some reason, the planets aligned and the sun itself imploded into a vortex of nothing, gravitating everything nearby into it and composing everything together into a singularity, and a smart, intelligent, clever and witty woman with blonde hair decided to come out with some of her friends to a local bar, the chances of any smart, intelligent man with common sense being able to even get a few words in without getting butted out by yet another douchebag with ulterior motives are still lower than the chances of winning the lottery.

If you're thinking, "you have no room to speak, you're going to these places," you're completely justified to this point.  This isn't a flame towards the style, nor is it a "nice guy" plea.  It is merely an observation that I've experienced and there hasn't been much to prove me wrong.  (You can think of me as the creepy stalker in the bushes with the binoculars.)  I've been going to bars with friends recently because most of the time, the happenings within those over-21 confines are more entertaining than anything on TV, especially when I'm sober!  most of the actions I am referring to don't even involve me at all.  These are what I witness.

My real question is, why aren't the other hair colors appealing?  I have a soft spot for brunettes myself, and dark black hair is a close second (deep red really gets me too).  Is blonde hair really so aesthetically pleasing, that none of the others have the popularity that blonde does?  Are the stereotypes of the other ones, though mostly positive, a deterrent?  Yes, the redhead has the stigma of being intelligent, but at the same time, pompous and self-centered. The brunette has this "girl next door" feel to her, but they're not into meeting anyone at bars or clubs.  Are these really as bad as the popular, yet dumb enough to be convinced into anything stereotype?  I'm not judging solely on stereotypes, but there has to be an explanation as to why, and that leaves them suspect.  If anyone knows a probable reason to why, I'd love to know.  And if you're a blonde and you'd like to voice your opinion, please do.


  1. I think the enticement might be the whole extinction theory. Men perhaps know that they only have a few more generations of blonds before they are gone and want to give them a whirl..

  2. I'm a blonde and I would hate to be stereotyped because of my hair. Probably why I went out of my way to be nerdy when I was a kid. I'm not stupid and I hate those stupid 'Oops Blonde Moment' t-shirts and avatars.

  3. There are two kinds of blondes...intentional blondes and natural blondes. Natural blondes can't help it. They may be capable, smart women who just happen to have blonde hair and I've no beef with that. The intentional blonde, however, has dyed her hair blonde because she feels deep down she has few other qualities (intellect, personality, talent) to draw on to attract a mate. It's a lazy idea of "hey, if I become a stereotype, the image that's pushed in the porn industry, then I at least will get noticed". Unfortunately they get noticed by douchbags....and they should expect that...but then they sit and wonder why they get abused and used. They should wise up and improve themselves through hard work, not the dye bottle. They get what they deserve I feel. Yes there are also stupid natural blondes but I've seen a few dye their hair dark to be taken seriously.