Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do You Smell Something?

Heh, I figured one day, You would start to see me eccentric side.  Today, you get to catch a glimpse.

The end of summer is very near, and I felt it today.  But what was weird about it, was that I caught it by a sense that usually triggers in the spring.  I cut my lawn yesterday, and my once white shoes showed with defining proof that I had performed the deed of decapitating thousands of blades of grass.  At the same time, I was racing against the weather with clouds above me looming over, playing with my patience and toying with me ominously.  Today, however, the clouds cleared temporarily and the aroma of chlorophyll coated pastures were prevalent in the air outside my house.  The scent lingered to my work as well, since the lawns there were neatly shaved today.  This got me thinking...

I think I have a well honed sense of smell.  What is more intriguing is that I find odd scents very alluring.  Freshly cut grass is top on my list.  Granted, that's not as bad, considering that most people don't find the aroma of grass very offensive.  Let me compile a list for you and let you judge for yourself what is offensive or not.  Here is the list of scents I love to smell:

Fresh cut grass
Gasoline (at the gas station, or when filling up the lawn mower.  NOT HUFFED)
Dirty leather, like a baseball glove covered in dirt and my sweat and aged over years
Car exhaust (to an extent...10 seconds at a stop light is enough for me)
A freshly cracked book, the scents between the newly pressed and printed pages (also new magazines)
A new shower curtain (something about an odd scent while naked is amazing!)
Chicken manuer (yeah, how about that one?)
Burned rubber
I LOVED the smell of NYC!  Not just Manhattan, but everywhere in the city smelled great!

I'm not going to include the stereotypical ones, like the new car smell, or the aroma of coffee floating through the air currents of the house.  I'm sure that a vast majority of people have similar tastes in fragrences like those.  It's ironic, that with such a wide array of redolance auras that I enjoy, that I would be self-conscious about my own scent.

That is correct.  Other than one or two physical imperfections that stay a fixture in my mind, I have a mental blockade regarding my body odor, which is rarely ever offending.  In fact, I'm told on a repeated basis that I smell incredible!  I HAVE to smell good.  You will never be around me where I smell like a sweaty, jocked up gym bag monster.  Though the second I catch a whiff of an offneding odor and can't trace its source, I instantly assume its me.  With sensitive receptors like mine, it happens more often than not.  It's never me though.  Silly self-esteem.

But let's not get too far off-topic.  Whether it is nostalgia, or just the neurons in my brain telling me that the chlorine wafting from the pool is pleasing to me, I gain a sense of enlightenment from these aromas.  Do you have any odd, yet pleasing scents that may or may not be normal to the average person?

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  1. Well, you may find this hard to believe that a woman from Northern Ontario Canada would like the smell of skunk.... but I do!Gasoline smells best when kept in a bag. Don't forget the smell of Contact Cement. Have I told you that I see dead people?