Friday, September 4, 2009

Do You Love Your Search Engine?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially my first observation.

Not too long ago, search engines like Yahoo and Google implemented a new feature to their search bars. The idea was to increase convenience by dropping down a list of the most popular keywords or phrases that have been searched before by what you've already typed in the box. The problem with this feature is that the phrases that come up can be offensive, crude, extremely obscure, or just plain silly. For example:

I went to Google and typed in "I am" and this is what was shown...


Was there a common phobia that I didn't see on the Dr. Phil show recently that opened the floodgates around the world, letting people express their fears of a select group of 1 billion plus people?

What is the worst search engine prediction you've ever come across that had you scratching your head or laughing so hard, you actually clicked it to see the results? It can be Google. It can be Yahoo. It can be, Bing, even AskJeeves if people still use that. I want to know what results you've gotten from such a minimum amount for the engine to work with.

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