Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where do people come from?

It's amazing how simple the answer is to the question most asked by children.  "Where do babies come from?"  I think it's amazing because the question is so vague and broad that some people can be satisfied simply by mentioning conception whereas others' thirst for the answer will not be quenched until they know the origin to our species.  Of course, as everything else does, it got me thinking...

Where did I come from?

I thought about this momentarily, then wiki'd my name.  It turns out that the history of my first name, Steven, can be traced to England, where it was first recorded in Homer's Iliad.  Saint Stephen apparently was the first martyr.  My last name (which is obviously a lot more relevant to my lineage) stems from Southern England as well.  My name, in its entirety is very popular.  There is a website, that will display the number of people that you share your name with.  I share my name with 2443 other people here in the U.S.  My first name is the 26th most popular name used, and my last name is the 26th most popular.  I'm very average as far as names go.  My name doesn't tell me much about where I came from though.  Granted, in today's international culture web, it is much more difficult to accurately trace your origins without a decent head start.  Luckily, I have just that.  On my mother's side, I come from a long line of Italians with the surname of Fertitta. The surname is especially popular in Maryland and New York (Baltimore and New York City...yeah, do the math, I think it's mafia related too).  HA! I just googled 'Fertitta' and it confirms my suspicion.  I come from a Sicilian family of mobsters!

Yes, I haven't posted in a while and today's is equally as lazy, with more typing.  However, I found a little gem about my life, and I'd like for you to try a little bit of research.  You might be surprised as to what you find. I would also love to hear any special stories you miht come across.

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